Bell Files Response in CRTC Throttling Case

Bell has filed its response to the CRTC's questions regarding its throttling practices.  The public documents have confidential and sensitive data removed.


  1. Misinformation?
    This quote from the interview with the Bell PR flack jumped out:

    “There’s been a lot of misinformation about what Bell has actually been doing and why, fuelled in large part by people who don’t operate in the real business world and who don’t have to manage multiple factors including constructing networks, operating networks, managing networks, responding to consumer desires and offering consumers services they want, when they want, at the appropriate pricing and responding to competition. There are a number of factors that we have to take into account and manage in the real operating world and there’s been frankly a lot of misinformation about what we’re doing.”

    I don’t suppose he’s talking about you.

  2. CAIP?
    The CAIP response has been posted as well, it really should be mentioned.

  3. hypocrisy?
    I love how Bell claims that their network has congestion problems, meanwhile they launch a new movie downloading service ( [ link ] ) only a few weeks after they start throttling torrents.