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University of Calgary Funds Open Access Authors Fund

The University of Calgary has established a $100,000 fund to increase the amount of publicly available research.  The fund of this size is the first of its kind in Canada (hat tip: Heather Morrison).

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  1. Stevan Harnad says:

    Why Provide OA Funding Rather Than Provi
    If I live to be a hundred I shall never understand why we prefer providing funds for OA publications rather than providing OA for our publications.

    It is splendid that University of Calgary has found $100,000 to fund OA for those U of C authors who wish to publish their articles in OA journals, but why oh why does U of C not first mandate that those U of C authors who publish in any journal whatsoever provide OA to their articles, by self-archiving them in their own OA institutional repository (as, for example, Harvard and 21 other universities have done)?