NTT To Impose Upload Broadband Limits

NTT, a leading Japanese ISP, plans to establish a new daily upload limit for subscribers.  The limit?  30 gigabytes per day.  There is no cap on downloads.


  1. Anonymous says:

    “30 gigs per day” x 30/days per month = 900 gigs per month!

    Its not unlimited on the upstream, but thats not bad at all!

    Here Bell limits download to 60-gigs per month and throttles you on top of that, and their new policy is to charge you for anything over 60-gigs/month.

  2. Cap
    I believe that the 20/60/100 GB cap is the down+up TOTAL used by the customer per month.

  3. That’s the upload cap! They aren’t capping downloads at all. Makes you realize how old-world Bell Canada is.

  4. Ma Bell & Pa Rogers
    It’s a good thing to know that poor ‘ol Ma Bell and Pa Rogers have “network congestion” and can’t handle more than 30/60/100 GB per month TOTAL access, yet Japan’s able to allow users 900 GB (on average) a month in UPLOAD ONLY while not caring about downloads at all.

    Looks like we really are turning into a 3rd world communications nation (again, just look at our cell phone plans/data plans).

  5. Future
    What makes me sad is our leading ISP’s are so busy trying to control use of their networks, none are looking to the future where this kind of CAP will be minimum requirements for Net Apps. They should be planning on Gb connections top the home with no caps for our future, and if they can’t do this without regulation, perhaps more stringent regulation of the Industry is required.


  6. getting screwed
    I agree, I’m on Telus, and they have NO provisions for selling me anything more than 60GB/mo. Unless I get in a whole second phone line and aDSL modem, and pay another $40ish/mo. That actually costs them more than if they would just up the limit on my one single line, since they have to provide a whole bunch more physical stuff. Idiocy.

    When I asked them why they have it structured this way, they had no answer, but that’s not suprising because they have NO communications link between the management and the public WHATSOEVER, all you can get EVER is a nobody with NO means of passing questions or suggestions or complaints upwards. NONE.

    In this climate, it has become the reality that our incumbent physical network providers constitute effective monopolies/duopolies. The infrastructure is too costly for real competition. We consumers are getting screwed by the lack of their motivation. Because they won’t do business in ways that are fair to the consumer, it’s time for the law to step in, or them to leave so that someone else can do better.

    When I already pay here for 60gb/mo @ 2mbps, what those folks in Japan are paying for unlimited @ 100mbps, we have to admit that it’s time get our shit together.