Bob Rae Calls for an Open Copyright Debate

While there is considerable media attention this morning on Jim Prentice (stories on the wikipedia issue and future leadership possibilities), it is very interesting to note that another MP touted as a potential future leader just waded into the copyright debate.  Liberal MP Bob Rae maintains a blog and has posted When Piracy Isn't: ACTA and New Copyright Legislation.  Rae warns against the potential dangers of ACTA and overly intrusive copyright reforms.  In what could be seen as a direct challenge to Prentice, Rae concludes:

Can these colliding worlds be reconciled? Yes, they can, but only if political leaders understand that we're living in a different time and a different world. And there's no sign that they really do – hence the clash of generations, values, and interests. Someone has to speak for the public and the public interest, and that should be the government. Let's open up the debate and get this out into the public domain.

With the NDP's Charlie Angus raising the issue again yesterday in the House of Commons, a party divide on copyright may be emerging.

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