Slight Canadian DMCA Delay

The government is running behind schedule this morning as plans to table the Canadian DMCA have been delayed by a series of floor votes.  The reporters covering the story are stuck in the lockup.  I'll obviously be commenting on this blog once I've had a chance to read the bill.  If you are trying to contact me, best today via email.

Update: Bill C-61 was just tabled by Industry Minister Jim Prentice on the floor of the House of Commons (at 11:25 am).  The government plans for second reading at the next sitting of the house, effectively removing the ability to send it to committee after first reading (and therefore be more open to change). 


  1. Your last paragraph is unclear – in what scenario will there be more room for change? Do you really mean that now it will be less open for change?

  2. “Update: Bill C-61 was just tabled by Industry Minister Jim Prentice on the floor of the House of Commons (at 11:25 am). The government plans for second reading at the next sitting of the house, effectively removing the ability to send it to committee after first reading (and therefore be more open to change). ”

    – in otherwords they are ettempting to push it through unchabged as fast as possible? Or am I miss reading this?

  3. Matt Schneider says:

    If they were to push it past first committee, then it would be less likely to be altered from its current state. First committee provides an opportunity for changes to be made to the bill before it comes up for second reading.

  4. It sounds like the Government is trying to push the bill through as quickly as possible by rushing it to a second reading. I hope the opposition is paying attention.

  5. Does anyone happen to know if this will be a confidence vote? With the Liberals so unwilling to provoke an election right now, it could have a good chance of passing, despite the popular opposition (as with the recent immigration bill).

  6. Everything with Harper is now a confidence vote,that way he gets his way.

  7. Chris Charabaruk says:

    Second reading
    I just got off the phone from calling my MP’s parliamentary office, and was informed that a bill won’t go to committee until second reading. Whether the wool’s been pulled over my eyes or not, I’m unsure, but given that my MP is a Liberal, I’m inclined to give the benefit of the doubt. (It doesn’t hurt that I actually spoke to someone who didn’t talk in spin.)

  8. What can we do says:

    Anyone know what we can do to stop this bill from going through?? or even delay it?? Can we call our MP or news it so we can protest or something??

  9. Chris Palmer says:

    “What can we do”, you can, and should call your MP. Write letters to your local newspapers, and snail mail letters to your MP as well.

    Educate the masses about what rights they’re losing. Millions of Canadians would be classified as criminals by this bill. Make them know what’s happening.

  10. What's Next, a police state? says:

    Can they get toothpaste back in the tube
    It just doesn’t seem realistic that now after the internet revolution is in full swing, at full steam that they think they can put the genie back in the bottle, or close Pandora’s box, & put the toothpaste back in the tube, its like trying to stop hurricane Katrina, its just too big for any human government to stop… There are literally hundreds of softwares out there, many for free, that can rip & copy CDs & DVDs, & file-sharing programs that are just a fact of life online now, & no human agency is ever going be stop it; they are deluded if they think they can stop millions upon millions of Canadians from file-sharing…. What’s next… making it illegal to use the photocopier in our public libraries? (Which by the way, that is the illustration a judge used a couple years ago when throwing out the lawsuit by the music industry.) This issue, if bill C-61 becomes law, it will no doubt be required to be battled out in the Supreme Court of Canada & I doubt that the courts will allow such a law to crush the freedoms that Canadians now hold so dear (otherwise the direction all of this is heading is closer to a fascist police state).

  11. Believe it says:

    Momentum and Ideology drive this wagon
    Your completely right. Good luck getting it back. Despite the fact that nearly every internet savvy user will resist this draconian attempt to strangle their quest for freedom, it will work to screw the average lay-man/woman. That’s how these things go, I’ve come to realize. See, the lobbyists and the big boys are getting pissed that so many commoners have come to the buffet. Even though the buffet is ever plentiful and providing, and everyone has lots to eat, it still pisses them off.

    Canada has been referred to as one of the worst protectors of intellectual property, next to China and similar East Asian countries. Now, there is a big distinction between intellectual and material property, but never the less. This is a pure farce my friends. File sharing (a relatively contentious topic with obvious glaring potentials for abuse) must not be restricted.

    This is not about bolstering the economy and protecting media, it’s about controlling the channels. There are so many protocols out there, and now, we are, for the first time, on the forefront of a whole new level of convergence. Truly trackable, and identifiable unique signatures will individuate ourselves, and our specific data usage through advanced and imbedded chipsets on our phones, mp3 players, of course computers, and so forth. Yet haven’t we come to expect as much? As I mentioned previously, the door to the buffet will have to be made harder to get into. This legislation makes it so that they have a right to engage in very rigorous and troubling “deep-packet inspection.” Oh and btw, that technology kicks ass and so is relatively inexpensive way to find out everything about everybody all the fuckin time. The data mining companies are just creaming for this. So there are a few options. 1. Get really really good at figuring out how to encrypt everything. 2. Go legit and actually pay for stuff 3. Disconnect.

    What will you do? Write your MP? Ha.