CIPPIC Files More Complaints Over DPI

CIPPIC has filed several more complaints over the use of deep-packet inspection by Canadian ISPs and asked the Privacy Commissioner to investigate ISP use of DPI for behavioural targeting.


  1. Jourdespoir says:

    Each Canadian ISP need to offer OpenSSL services to protect the privacy of their customer. Actually, ISP are simply so wide open, that everybody and my mother can spy on me. This is not a convenient way to respect my privacy right, do it?

    So, ISP should be liable to provide network security that would stop any spying activities of canadian over the Internet. Or at least, do their best to do so.

    Now, we all need to pay 10$+ / month to get VPN services to protect our privacy over the net.


  2. privacy watchdog
    thank you for the link. I hope Rogers becomes the next CRTC target, this is an excellent list of all the ‘questionable’ DPI activity. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been doing it for years.

    Rogers privacy policy, website, and support personnel fail to mention the use of deep packet inspection software to curb bandwidth thieves(or so they believe), advertising, statistics etc.