Copyright Watch on Prentice’s Parrots

Copyright Watch notes the striking similarity between Industry Minister Jim Prentice's talking points and some letters to the editor from local chambers of commerce."


  1. Name Witheld says:

    Yeah, I noticed that in the St. Catharines Standard. I thought maybe the local Chamber of Commerce head had political aspirations, but now I don’t know. Why would this happen? Is the Ministry of Industry lobbying the Chambers of Commerce?
    It prompted me to write my own letter to the editor, which appeared in today’s Standard, so it probably had the reverse of the desired effect.

  2. Dwight Williams says:

    One would hope so for the entire country.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Policy laundering
    Classic tactic for controversial legislation: a) refer to vague international obligations requiring passage of invasive law, b) diffuse meaningful public debate by introducing law during \’political downtime\’, c) quietly wait for press coverage to drift, d) use allied interests to present an appearance of consensus, e) enact law quickly by focussing on those interests during final legislative analysis.