CRTC Considers Changes to Do-Not-Call List

The CRTC has announced that it is considering changes to the do-not-call list, including an expansion of the exception for political parties and consideration of how to allow for lengthier registrations (rather than just three years before renewal).  Comments are due by December 4, 2008.


  1. As always, governments are 2 steps behind…
    Unfortunately, even with a mandatory opt-in policy, marketers have already bypass this by legally outsourcing it to spammers, which has been used in Saw V.[1] The only resource left is to implement white lists on everyone’s phone.


  2. keep it up and thanks, MG. says:

    need to protect from US-based calls
    Citizens need an option to report and protect ourselves from unwanted marketing/survey calls showing US-based numbers or blanked-out identifications (000-0000, etc). Call sources seem to have shifted from Canada to the US — interestingly concurrent with this past summer’s announcements that the ioptout and DNC lists would be effective.

  3. Telecom Co-Ordinator
    These ‘fog horn calls’ used to go only to numbers that we had published in phone directories. Since blocking ALL of our office phone numbers the ones that did not receive before are now receiving them – how did the marketers get access to registered numbers? The problem with these automated calls has grown.