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Pre-Judging James Moore

Billboard runs a story today titled Canadian Biz Raises Concerns About Government Appointment.  The article features music industry criticisms of new Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore, with comments of the "fox running the chicken house" and that the appointment is "a kick in the head of Quebec for not supporting Harper."  Those unwarranted criticisms suggest that Moore will not be sensitive to music industry demands since he has a broadcasting background and is not from Quebec.

Both of these criticisms are off-the-mark.  First, a broadcast background increasingly appears to be a pre-requisite for the position – Josee Verner, Bev Oda, and Liza Frulla all came from the broadcast industry and no one would accuse them of siding against the music industry.  Second, the notion that a Heritage minister must come from Quebec is also wrong – Sheila Copps is widely viewed as the most influential Heritage minister in recent times and she was from Hamilton.

The reality is that it is far too early to cast judgment on the appointment.  

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Broadcasters Win Right To Reduce Ad Production Costs From Royalty Payments

Bloomberg reports that Canadian radio stations have won a federal court decision that will allow them to exclude production costs of radio commercials from the amount on which royalties must be paid.  SOCAN fears that the decision could result in the loss of millions of dollars in payments.

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