Isohunt Suit in the News

The Canadian Press and Globe and Mail cover IsoHunt's suit against CRIA over the legality of its torrent tracker site.

One Comment

  1. Remember Canada what you do on the net canadian law applies no matter where you are!!!
    an interesting law of canada is that what we do on the net canadian law superseeds foreign laws, it was used to comabt kiddy porn, and it may actually aid the iso hunt person in the american lawsuit. HE could after using the recent p2pnet linking ( that a user has the choice to get a torrent file then use software that links to infringing content ) could say he is not afoul of canuck law and there fore there lawsuit is moot. They can’t have it both ways, and if they down south set a precident in still going ahead and prosecuting etc, then it may harm cases agaisnt pedophiles where our laws are better locally at combating.

    YA imagine that hollywood wants pedophiles to go free.