CRTC Orders Telcos To Match Broadband Speeds for Independent ISPs

The CBC reports that the CRTC has ordered Canadian telecommunications companies to offer the same Internet speeds to smaller wholesale customers as they themselves sell on a retail basis.  The case arises from a complaint by Cybersurf, which argued that the DSL service it was able to offer its retail customers were far slower than that offered by telcos such as Bell.  Bell and Telus opposed the application to mandate that they provide Cybersurf with the same speeds, claiming that such an order was inconsistent with the market-oriented policy direction and that it would create disincentives to investing in upgraded networks.  The Commission sided with Cybersurf, ordering Bell, Telus and other DSL providers to offer wholesale providers the same speeds as they offer to their own customers.


  1. Caps
    Meanwhile, Bell is planning to start doing wholesaler bandwidth caps of 60GB a month to match their own offerings. In other words, all independents will be Mini-Bell’s.

  2. Dwight Williams says:

    Resistance is futile.
    Your desire to serve your customers is irrelevant. You will behave as if ourselves.

  3. I hope MTS high-speed is also included…I’m getting a measly 180 kb/s

  4. another good reason to switch to Linux.
    And why shouldn’t they do similar as what Microcrap does?
    – all stolen code from other companies garbage cans
    – over 240,000 bugs and holes which Microcrap doesn’t deem important
    – the only OS that spies on PPL and reports to agencies such as CIA, Vatican, MI6, etc.
    – just an overpriced hunk of junk

    What’s the difference between British Monarchy system that instilled wars, breach of human rights, religions, unfair legal system, taxes, terrorism, slavery, insurance, drug wars, spying, satanism, inflation, fiat money etc. and these companies?
    NONE, zero, zip, nada.

    They are part of the same game and elites that think they can subjugate humanity for their own Satanic ends.

    If you want to know what it’s really about then watch and learn. Get out of that box they put you in and you call life.


  5. Cory Albrecht says:

    realist said:
    >another good reason to switch to Linux.

    Why would switching to Linux make any difference in peoples’ DSL speeds? You’ll get the same speeds and caps regardless of what OS you use. I have my suspicions that you don.t know what you’re talking about.

    >And why shouldn’t they do similar as what Microcrap does?
    […rest of rant not included…]

    Nice conspiracy rant, dude. Anybody tell you that if you have to claim a conspiracy to make you’re point, you’re nothing but a kook? Thanks for the confirmation that you’re completely clueless.

  6. i see
    7 megabit 60GB cap
    5 megabit 200GB cap

    ya we just got screwed

  7. Sounds Like This Is About FTTN
    Some of the carriers have been rolling out Fibre To The Node, which brings fibre significantly closer to most homes, allowing marginal DSL sites to suddenly get what they are actually paying for.

    Although some places might like to get 8 or 16 mb/s, other sites would just like to get the standard 5mb/s.

  8. correction
    re: Cory
    my comment was supposed to go under ” FTC Files Action Against Canadians Over “Scareware””

  9. Smith
    In thousands of years we will be able to create a virtual reality MORE complex than our own Universe. (this is possible)

    99.9% of an atom is empty space and the 0.01% that IS “something” is merely an analog string/mathematic field value (our own Universe is virtual in nature).

  10. I’m with Bill on this one. Our simulation won’t have Bell in it 😀

  11. Of course the Bell cap is a cap in name only. I’ve downloaded in excess of 170GB in a month without issue. There is no hard cap, you just have to fork out $30 for the extra. As long as the overage charge is fixed, there isn’t any incentive to pay attention to the 60GB billing cap. Frankly, if $30 has an effect on your budget, you likely cannot really afford DSL service.

  12. like all idiots
    listen to your self arthur your already bell trained LOL
    I use the net to get my TV already this month just on regular useage ive done 255GB
    TSI gives me for 30$ a month 400GB /2 months.
    So i gues sill be dong less next month or migrating to there unlimited.
    And with actors and artists supporting lawsuits against disabled and helpless innocents i don’t feel guilty in the least about any forms a “infringment” woudl you?

    before bells great madness
    i had a 5 megabit ultra umlimited account on CONTRACT
    for 3 years bell did that to thousands a people.

    NOw insead of a potential of 1.6-1.7Terabytes a month whethar YOU I OR SOMEONE USES IT. now i get 60GB?
    Sorry thats turn off the net time and watch bell go into bankruptcy and hten really start reneging on contracts.

    Bankruptcy allows a company to get out of dals contracts and many other things JUST to stay afloat.

    OH and beating a traffic shape with teksavvy is the way.
    If your still with bell i hate to say i you deserve it.

  13. 180KB/s? pffftt! i’ve got 120KB/s! i beat you all!!
    last september a bell technician came and lowered my speed from 180KB/s to 120KB/s, now more than a year later i’ve been chatting with csr and i still can’t sync properly and now my speed is at 60KB/s!

    so that’s goodbye to bell sympatico i’ve been with you for more than five years and an less than enthusiastic hello to videotron cable internet!

  14. MickeyHickey says:

    Common Carrier
    Bell, Telus et al should be turned into tightly regulated “Common Carriers” dealing only with wholesalers such as independent ISPs. In other words spin off the Sympaticos’. Voice can be treated similarly since it is migrating to VOIP at a great rate. The Canadian Bells, Rogers would then be totally removed from from dealing with the individual consumers who would get service from independent ISPs. Some safeguards would have to be put in place to ensure that no ISP at the retail level has more than 20% market share. I got lousy service from Rogers and was lied to repeatedly by Bell. The power balance is out of whack and has to be restored and I am prepared to vote for the party that intends to address the problems.