FTC Files Action Against Canadians Over “Scareware”

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has obtained an injunction blocking several groups from selling deceptive "scareware," which has allegedly resulted in lost millions for consumers.  A Canadian company and Canadian individuals are among those cited in the action, with the FTC alleging that one Canadian was the key financial player who garnered millions from the activity.  Good to see U.S. officials taking action, though it again raises the question of why Canadian law enforcement is seemingly missing in action in the battle against Internet fraud.


  1. About time!
    This is more illegal than SPAM as far as I’m concerned!

  2. WHAT?
    another good reason to switch to Linux.
    And why shouldn’t they do similar as what Microcrap does?
    – all stolen code from other companies garbage cans
    – over 240,000 bugs and holes which Microcrap doesn’t deem important
    – the only OS that spies on PPL and reports to agencies such as CIA, Vatican, MI6, etc.
    – just an overpriced hunk of junk

    What’s the difference between British Monarchy system that instilled wars, breach of human rights, religions, unfair legal system, taxes, terrorism, slavery, insurance, drug wars, spying, satanism, inflation, fiat money etc. and these companies?
    NONE, zero, zip, nada.

    They are part of the same game and elites that think they can subjugate humanity for their own Satanic ends.

    If you want to know what it’s really about then watch and learn. Get out of that box they put you in and you call life.

    One more thing:
    Michael, your website is getting too busy and a pain to load. PLZ fix it

  3. What the heck
    to the previous poster: that is really uncalled for. While I am a user of linux primaraly, I use windows frequencly. All OSes suffer the safe fate: patch or else. How many ‘security’ patches are release every day for linux.

    Get a clue as to what windows does with your stuff!

  4. re: Guy
    Ah, in my 30 plus years as admin I think I’ve seen and do see most of it. The question should be “How many ways into an OS?”
    Linux = not many
    Winblows = I lost count
    spyware for MS = 349,278 and counting
    worms viruses etc. for MS = over 49,000

    Average up time in business environment:
    Winblows = 1.5 months
    Linux = 1 year, in many cases over 5 yrs

    You put a patched MS in front of most 12 yr olds and they’re in within seconds. MS even sells a USB stick with 12 ways to get into Winblows. LMAO
    Linux … not likely. As a matter of fact I can take almost any Linux and get into Winblows without even trying. You can’t do that to Linux, not in your wildest dreams.

    The first thing that we do when seeing a win box is make an image of HD, wipe the HD and install Linux. Then we let MS run inside Linux virtual box. Many use Linux on a regular basis to fix a ‘majority’ of MS problems … hence MS is a HUNK OF JUNK!

    So, please go learn your OS’s, coding, vulnerabilities, exploits and basic operating procedures.