CRTC New Media Hearings – Day Five: CWTA, DiMA, NFB, CIA, AN

Day five of the CRTC's New Media hearings featured some good exchanges with the CWTA over the profitability of new media over wireless along with evidence that the National Film Board "gets it" when it comes to the Internet and new media.  Carleton professor Ira Wagman provides the details on his blog.  Thanks to Elizabeth Martin for compiling the report.

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  1. It appears the CBC has stabbed us in the back on this one

    There’s a knife in our back with CBC fingerprints on it.

    How on earth does the CBC figure that? Why not support an “Air Tax” on all Canadians to subsidize all the over-the-air TV stations too?

    There are no borders on the internet, period! No one country should benefit more. Especially since the CanCon that the tax would generate would never (legally) be seen on the internet.

    CanCon made for the net on the internet is HUGE! We are a very creative people when it comes to online stuff.

    I would rather any taxes on the ISP’s go to bolster India’s Bollywood, at least they have hot actresses! Something we sorely lack.

  2. So uhhhh… do any of the speakers have a strategy to actually make us watch more Canadian content?

    I mean, that’s what these proceedings are supposed to be about, and there’s never any suggestion on how to do this, other than “Give us more money” without any accountability?

  3. Money Sans Accountability
    Dan Said: “…Give us more money” without any accountability?”

    Isn’t that the Canadian political way?

    At least Obama ties strings to every dollar he dishes out.