CRTC New Media Hearings Underway Today

The CRTC New Media hearings get underway today.  There is coverage from Canwest and Ira Wagman, who discusses what to look for in the upcoming CRTC new media hearings. Together we'll be posting daily updates on the hearings.


  1. Mathew Ingram says:

    We’ve got a live-blog of the hearings by Globe reporters Matt Hartley and Grant Robertson at, Michael:

  2. Canuck Business says:

    50% Of Charges Dropped in PIRATE BAY TRIAL
    media is irrelevant now, your all on the same side and thats not the people your supposed ot be reporting too.

    50% of the charges dropped in pirate bay case due to negligence of the prosecutor is mroe important then some CRTC crap that we all know who they really work for.

  3. Canuck Business says:

    how does a 50 year copyright BENEFIT ME
    for get Paul macarney and gene simonos do they need more wealth?

    YA right.
    That’s what they want to protect. SCREW YOU PEOPLE HTEY SAY.

  4. Why should I pay for Paul McCartney retirement?
    It is NOT MY PROBLEM if Paul McCartney or U2 did not save for retirement. RRSP and the like are not hard to fill, especially if copyright provides great revenues for very popular artists. Even a 14-year copyright term would let them have lots of funds, if they did save for retirement.

    Now, they did not save for retirement, but bought luxury cars and the like. Why the society should pay their retirement with the recent copyright extension in Europe?

  5. The CRTC is corrupt.

    Two recent examples: Bell Canada’s bandwidth throttling and the Do Not Call List. These are STILL both happening.