The Cost of

During the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage hearing yesterday, Minister James Moore revealed that – given the high cost of maintenance and low traffic – the portal cost $1.98 per hit to the site.  Funding was stopped over the summer as part of the culture cuts.


  1. Smart move
    It is good to see some fiscal accountability on the culture file. While it is possible to make a persuasive case on the benefits of cultural subsidies, this one fell so far short it deserved to be cut. The bureaucrats that ran it should be ashamed of their performance.

  2. Could this be money laundering?
    This $1.98 per hit figure does not look plausible to me. I would be interested in hearing comments from those in the webhosting business.

  3. Michael Geist says:

    No – the cost is based on the cost of the program divided by the number of hits.