New Zealand this week.  We could be next if we don't speak out.  Learn more about New Zealand's Guilt Upon Accusation copyright reform here.

New Zealand's new Copyright Law presumes 'Guilt Upon Accusation' and will Cut Off Internet Connections without a trial. Join the black out protest against it!

Update: In the face of huge public protest in New Zealand, the government has announced that it is delaying the implementation of S92a.


  1. I have said htis before NO ONE LISTENS
    you have to literally unplug in massive numbers ot be effective and too many idiots are not going ot so they WILL win , htey will do all the things THEY weant , and one day when someone dies outrage will build to revolution.

    This is where this all leads, mark my words people its coming. That guy that shot his tv is just the 1st sign.

  2. OH and these delays
    they make it so they can get the law implemented after all the hipe has died down.

    So unless there is a continued and Measured effect on them form now until march , they will have this utter nazi style law.

    Ya know i’m beginning to think that despite the loss of life in the twin towers they hit the wrong target, which should have been the head quarters of the mpaa and riaa. AND NO i’m not advocating anyone do violence but damn they certainly are asking for some nut job to get carried away and guess what there would be no sympathy towards them would there?

    Ya see they run away form iraq mission accomplished by wrecking the lives of htere own people and total control of media and culture, this is what the nazi’s did.

    What’s next a genocide somewhere in the name of copyright infringement?

  3. and ACTA will end run it anyways
    ya like does it matter the people in power will have ACTA and the so called obama change is to that of cultural domination and control, not FREEDOM

  4. Kiwis to loose access to video sharing sites ?
    Youtube has been having problems with Warner Music Group since last December. They’re only one of many video sharing sites on which copyrighted material can be found.

  5. Marnie Tunay says:

    Fakirs Canada
    Am I the only one who’s having trouble with this site? Every time I try to close this site’s page, I get a message saying that there’s a problem with a script on the page. The page then freezes and the only thing I can do is to log off and re-log in. I wrote to Michael Geist a couple of weeks ago, but I haven’t received an answer. I’m curious to know if other people are having this problem.
    Marnie Tunay
    Fakirs Canada
    (time to log off again, I reckon.)

  6. ya your the only one
    update to a real browser maybe

  7. Clever spam 🙂

    Michael Geist has nothing to do with that site.

  8. If same law comes to Canada…
    We should collect a list of all people (include families too) that would be for such law and send (possibly) false copyright infrigment notices to their respective ISPs demanding disconnection. I’m sure they would not mind at all being disconnected.

  9. Make everyone a criminal
    If accusation is the game then I see a few scenarios.

    1) All of the ISPs customers are accused of copyright violations, get disconnected and the ISP goes bankrupt (or asks for a bailout)
    2) The courts grind to a halt from all the lawsuits
    3) All business on the Internet (at least in New Zealand) stops since no one wants to run the risk of being accused.

  10. pat donovan says:

    I had log-in problems too. they went away with 3.1 firefox and no-script upgrades.

    a hot summer, anyone? with california out with a food supply problem, i expect to see a LOT swept under the guilty-till proven innocent rug.