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CRIA Says ISPs Central Issue Facing the Industry

Billboard reports that an industry panel at Canadian Music Week featured CRIA President Graham Henderson arguing that the role of ISPs is the central issue facing the music industry.  Henderson said he is optimistic of discussions with Canadian ISPs in the near future.

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  1. CRIA
    oh you mean that american that runs a canuck organization that put everyone in cnada down?

    heres one for you the biggest challenge to culture and economy isnt ISPS its the RIAA/CRIA/IFPI morons who keep gouging and paying lawyers to dream up ways to steal kids money.

    AND while we are at it lets add those cable companies and movie houses big guys too.


  2. CRIA BS again
    The CRIA never gives up do they? From threatening IsoHunt (my employer) to countless lobbying, it never ends. Leave our ISP’s alone, as if they need the CRIA to intervene with what they provide, as if the DPI isn’t enough already. With the way things are going our ISP’s will no longer be ISP’s, but simply content providers that choose what were allowed to have access to, just like Cable TV.

  3. @ Spike
    You hit on the head 100%, our “content-providers” don’t like the internet simply because it is a threat to their business, I mean with the advent of You tube or even before its’ creation, people now have the ability to create their own content and allow millions to access it at relatively low cost to themselves. Thus these media companies feel threatened because the internet is something out side of their control, and they don’t like it one bit.