NZ Government Drops Three Strikes Copyright Plan

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has announced the government will throw out the controversial Section 92A of the Copyright Amendment (New Technologies) Act and start again. The provision involved a three strikes and you’re out plan for alleged copyright infringement. "Section 92a is not going to come into force as originally written. We have now asked the minister of commerce to start work on a replacement section," the prime minister said.


  1. It’s refreshing…
    It’s really refreshing to see a case where the world+common sense successfully beats back corporate media lunacy, if at least for now.

  2. Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

    The only trouble is there are rumblings we still need to “do something” about our copyright laws, otherwise the US won’t sign a free-trade deal with us. So look for further attempts to foist something draconian or DMCA-like onto our lawbooks.