RIP! A Remix Manifesto To Hit Screens Across Canada

RIP! A Remix Manifesto is an exceptional Canadian film by Brett Gaylor that has been winning awards at film festivals around the world.  The film hits the big screen in Canadian cities over the next few weeks, including Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, and Calgary.  Learn more at the National Film Board site or become a remixer at Open Source Cinema.


  1. Good podcast regarding RIP
    If interested, CBC’s “Search Engine” has a podcast regarding this documentary.

  2. Don’t forget the self-serving rant by someone who has everything to gain by discrediting the movie:

  3. Ezra Winton says:

    Two blogs debate RiP
    For those interested in some critical debate on this film, check out the Art Threat post here:

  4. Julie Séguin, VP Communications, SFUO says:

    Great screening of the movie at the U of O
    SFUO event happened tonight, the screening of the movie RIP! A Remix Manifesto, 100% seats filled, 100% satisfied crowd, everybody loved it. We learned a lot from this interesting, entertaining, shocking, hilarious documentary about copyright issues.

    Interesting discussion and Q&A followed, thank you Michael Geist (uOttawa) and Peter Biesterfeld (Algonquin) for participating, thanks NFB and Brett Gaylor for creating this remixed piece of art, thanks to all the people who attended the screening.

    Hoping to have another opportunity to discuss these issues again,
    РJulie S̩guin