BSA’s Sweden Piracy Stats Entirely Estimated

Computer Sweden reports that the BSA's recent data on piracy in Sweden was entirely estimated.  No Swedish companies, vendors, or computer users were apparently contacted as part of the study.


  1. “estimated”??
    If by “estimated” they mean “made up”. (And I’m pretty sure that by “pirate” they mean “copyright violator”, not armed bandits on the high seas.)

    (I can’t read Swedish, so I didn’t check the article first.)

  2. Hardly surprising
    The BSA indicates, in the survey, that they extrapolate rates in a country based on an educated WAG from one of the 24 countries that were surveyed. See pages 17 and 18 of the survey. They do not mention what countries were in fact surveyed (at least I didn’t find it in the “report”), so one shouldn’t be surprised that the numbers are fudged to make things look more like they want them… Statistics; one of the three great lies.