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Access Copyright Warns On Copyright Consultation

On the day that Howard Knopf blogged about how Access Copyright is offering licences for public domain materials, BoingBoing points out that the copyright collective sent out a dire warning to its members.  Copyright Debate Takes Aim at Your Livelihood claims that the online debate is "dominated by individuals who […]

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July 29, 2009 23 comments News

CRTC Issues Questions for Federal Ct on ISPs and Broadcast Act

The CRTC has issued the question to the Federal Court of Appeal regarding the applicability of the Broadcasting Act to ISPs.

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July 29, 2009 5 comments News

Canada’s Top 20 Web 2.0 Companies

Backbone Magazine names its second annual PICK 20 list of Canadian Web 2. 0 companies.  I was pleased to serve on the judging panel.

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July 29, 2009 Comments are Disabled News

BitTorrent Speaks: Correcting the Record in CRTC Net Neutrality Hearing

BitTorrent has shaken up the CRTC network management hearing with a late submission [no online link yet] that seeks to set the record straight on BitTorrent and its impact on ISP networks.  The company begins by noting:

Our company, more specifically our BitTorrent application, has been referred to repeatedly in various submissions in this proceeding.  From these submissions, there appears to be some misconceptions as to the effect of BitTorrent, as well as in general peer-to-peer (“P2P”)  applications, on the Internet and in fact there has been an overstatement of the effect of such
applications on network congestion.  

After describing BitTorrent (the company and the application), the submission addresses several misconceptions:

  • Shaw argued that the high number of connections with P2P subverts the fairness of TCP.  BitTorrent says this is incorrect, since very few connections (4 – 5) are used at any one time.
  • Rogers argued that users do not care about upload performances.  BitTorrent says this is inaccurate given the correlation between download and upload for BitTorrent users.
  • Cogeco argues that P2P is not a real-time or interactive application.  BitTorrent says this too is false since some apps like Skype are clearly interactive and some BitTorrent clients supports streaming.
  • Rogers argued that P2P can create 24/7 always on usage.  BitTorrent says this is exxagerated with the average client only active around 4 days per month.

BitTorrent then focuses on the effect of Canadian traffic management practices on the application's performance.  The two main paragraphs are worth quoting in full since they have major implications beyond just the CRTC as BitTorrent states that movie executives report that Canadian P2P usage has declined dramatically over the past year.  The comment:

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July 28, 2009 16 comments News

Transcripts for Vancouver and Calgary Copyright Consultations Posted Online

The Copyright Consultation website now features literal transcripts (and MP3 versions) of the first two roundtables held as part of the consultation.  The Vancouver roundtable included the following participants:

  • Richard Brownsey, British Columbia Film
  • Paul Whitney, Canadian Urban Library Council
  • Danielle Parr, Software Association of Canada
  • Mira Sundara Rajan, Canada Research Chair on Intellectual Property Law, UBC
  • Richard Rosenberg, BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
  • Niina Mitter, British Columbia Library Association Copyright Committee
  • Elizabeth Rains, British Columbia Association of Magazine Publishers
  • Mary Henricksen, Arts and Culture Branch, Province of British Columbia
  • Lisa Codd, British Columbia Museum’s Association
  • Charles Lazer, Writer’s Guild of Canada
  • Bill Henderson, Songwriters Association of Canada
  • Margot Patterson, Canadian Association of Broadcasters
  • Stephen Ellis, CFTPA
  • Goef Glass, Vancouver Fair Copyright
  • Ian Boyko, Canadian Federation of Students

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