FCC Chair Pledges To Enforce Net Neutrality

FCC Chair Julius Genachowski tells The Hill that "his agency will support 'net neutrality' and go after anyone who violates its tenets."


  1. Great, now who do we pay to get him onto the CRTC board?
    Konrad VonFinkenstein is a crook with absolutely no integrity and is in place only to serve the Telcos/ISPs and their corporate interests. We need to abolish the CRTC and reform a new regulating body with people like Julius from the FCC. Shame on you Konrad for being such a poor human being.

  2. The CRTC sucks. Industry Canada says the Canadian Wireless Industry is NOT competitive. The CRTC is saying and still says the Canadian Wireless IS competitive. Meanwhile Canadian are getting charged 911 fees, System Access fees, and the highest wireless rates and lowest wireless penetration in the developed world.

    Can someone corner Konrad VonFinkenstein and ask him on video if he supports the innovation and competition that “Net Neutrality” will offer to Canadians.

  3. what exactly are these tenets of net neutrality? noone ever presents the same view on that question.