CRTC Sends Message: Traffic Management Rules Apply To Wireless Too

CRTC Chair Konrad von Finckenstein delivered the keynote address at the International Institute of Communications conference in Montreal yesterday.  The speech reviewed last week's traffic management/net neutrality decision.  On the issue of wireless, he stated:

At some point down the road, we will need to review the regulatory measures that apply to wireless service providers and their use of ITMPs. Until then, we expect ISPs offering mobile broadband services to respect our framework. 

During the Q&A, he was asked directly whether there would be a hearing for wireless traffic management issues.  He responded by reiterating that the CRTC expects carriers to follow the same guidelines for wireless.  If they do, no hearing.  If they don't, they can expect a hearing where the CRTC will endeavour to establish clear legal requirements that there are similar traffic management requirements.


  1. Name suits character!
    If ever there was a name that suited someone’s character, it would be Finkenstein. This guy is a complete and utter Telco sellout and loser to the largest degree. He needs to take a shameful look in the mirror to see how poor a human being he really is.
    Finkenstein and the rest of the CRTC board should be fired and replaced with people who have integrity and serve the best interests of Canadians instead of Telcos and ISPs.

  2. fait accompli
    Mr. von Finckenstein better book the conference rooms for his hearings now. Fido is already blocking VPN access over their mobile Internet service:

    Fido subscribers are being told to transfer to Rogers (and give up their cheaper plans) if they want VPN access.

  3. Here it comes…
    DSL throttled to dial-up speeds, yet still charge $40/mo. and we’ll have to pay $150/mo. to get our regular 1.6MB stream again!