UK To Introduce Three Strikes Policy

UK Business Secretary Peter Mandelson has announced that his government will go ahead with a three-strikes and you're out policy similar to the one recently introduced in France.


  1. There’s already strong opposition to this. It’s supposed to be taking effect Summer 2011. It’ll be interesting to see what happens between now and then since this is being taking seriously by the Government. To tell you the truth, I think there’s no chance in hell in this ever becoming a reality in the UK. If it does, by summer 2011, P2P traffic will be untraceable.

    It’s a shame too. Industry is about to lose a lot of tools available to track the success of online content. That’s going to put quite the damper on a large number of monetization idea’s that could have been built around this, for what I believe will be an unsuccessful attempt at putting a dent in file sharing. That’s a big risk.

  2. Cypherpunks failed, Mendelson will succeed
    Secret services will love this bill as everyone savvy enough turns on encryption. They already publicly showed their appreciation for the bill.


  3. “Mendelson will succeed”

    Keep your eye on the web and watch and learn. It ain’t going to happen. Too many in industry outside the big four labels and copyright lobby have taken a keen interest in this as of late. In working with several UK artists I can tell you the discussion in around monetization, not criminalization. Too many people in industry use P2P and darknet now, especially indie artists and labels. All this is, is Mendelson caving into lobby demands. Watch the opposition to this grow fast and furious over the next several months. 70% of Britians polled oppose this, including a growing number of artists who are speaking out against their labels on this approach. An election is due before this takes in effect in 2 years. Lots will happen between now and then in a debate that changes weekly if not daily.

  4. penalties to those who use encryption for illegal purposes???
    could this be next?