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EU Ratifies the WIPO Internet Treaties

The European Union has formally ratified the WIPO Internet treaties.  While critics of Canadian copyright law will no doubt use the move to argue that Canada has fallen behind on copyright reform, it is worth noting that: (1) Canada has twice introduced legislation designed to do the same; (2) the European national implementations show a wide range of exceptions, opening the door to a "made-in-Canada" WIPO approach; (3) for all the claims that Canada is years behind, the EU ratification arrived today.

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  1. Dr. Tabrez Ahmad says:

    Associate Professor of Law, KIIT Law School, KIIT University, India
    This a welcome step taken by the European Union.The other countries who have not yet recognized the two important internet treatises eg. WIPO performance and phonograms treaty and WIPO copyright treaty should also ratify these treaties without further delay.