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ACTA Negotiations, Round 7 Agenda Posted

The next (seventh) round of ACTA negotiations is scheduled for Guadalajara, Mexico next week.  The agenda has now been posted, revealing that the meeting will be the longest yet, with three and a half days devoted to the civil enforcement, border measures, and Internet issues.  There is also an hour scheduled for the ongoing discussion on ACTA transparency.


  1. Transparency
    Yay – again, a whole hour devoted to transparency, and again only if they run out of things to talk about w.r.t. the civil enforcement, border measures, and Internet issues. It should be at the beginning, not the end.

  2. You know.. You will ultimately sign some of these draconian treaties, and no amount of public outpour can change that ūüôĀ . Parliament already concedes that it’s a “done deal”. Their just haggling over the finner points of who gets what.

    I used to spend my summers in Ottawa, and I’ve wanted to move to Canada to launch an innovative web startup. The absence of idea/software patents made it highly attractive. Actually, I love Canadian distaste for litigation in general. It’s counterproductive and only benefits lawyers and the powerful.

    I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. But all of this IP crap is a massive power grab to keep the powerful in power. The US and EU have been bought lock, stock and barrel. I promise you, if you can stand your ground, you will receive an influx of innovative refugees like myself. Given the climate of outrage at the realization of corporate ruled Government, I cant imagine this going over very well.

    These treaties are oppressive, and frankly shameful. Their so disgraceful in fact that their kept hidden from the public so that our overlords can move power in the shadows.