Angus Calls on Clement to Require Net Neutrality Checks points to a letter written by NDP MP Charlie Angus to Industry Minister Tony Clement late last year on net neutrality.  The money paragraph focuses on the enforcement side of the CRTC's Internet traffic management guidelines:

I urge you to do what is in your power to curtail ISP's discriminatory traffic-shaping practices. In order to make Net Neutrality a reality in Canada, I would ask that you direct the CRTC to adopt it as part of Canada's internet policy, and enforce it through regular compliance checks of ISP traffic.

As the traffic management guidelines take effect, Canadians should begin to see more detailed disclosure of ISP traffic management practices and the possibility of complaints or investigations.


  1. Robert Gregory says:

    Michael, I urge you (and others) to look into IEEE 1901 regarding TCP/IP networking over power lines. IEEE put out a press release announcing the draft standard for this technology going into this year’s CES, but nobody is reporting on this.

    Local Area networking using the electrical wiring in your house is not new, but IEEE 1901 includes a standard for broadband deployment using this technology.

    Now, if small ISPs could lease bandwidth from the electricity grid – an existing infrastructure run by an independent broker that does not compete with its own clients – then Rogers/Bell would have to wake up and compete.

    Wouldn’t you agree?

  2. I’m starting to like Angus
    The guy seems to have both the testicular fortitude and education we’ve always hoped we’d see in Parliament.

  3. We need more MPs like Charlie Angus
    I’m not a NDP supporter by nature, but I would unquestioningly vote for him if he was running in my riding.

  4. re: Robert
    I don’t know if it’s the case in general, but I know someone that tried ethernet-over-powerlines

    Speeds were awful and erratic, there’s simply too much interference in and around those lines….
    Don’t get me wrong, advertised/maximum speeds are high, but the reality is quite low compared to those.