French Report Recommends New Tax on Google

A French report has recommended instituting a new "Google tax" to support the music and publishing industries.  The recommendation calls for a levy on all revenue generated from click-through advertising.

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  1. Chris Brand says:

    Smart move
    tax the companies that are making the best of the new technologies to subsidise those that can’t figure it out.
    If I were Google, I’d just pull the plug on

  2. Or even better…
    I’m with you Chris. It’s ridiculous. I thought of shutting down…though it would be even better to just remove the advertising.

    Google to France: Tax? Tax *what?*

  3. Vive la France !! :-/
    Hi there,
    As you can see, Sarkozy and french politicians are very “creative”, “inspired”.
    Lucky French we are (x_o)
    Politicians understand nothing to internet and web, and they fight for saving a dying industry monopole.
    I’m currently supporting the Sarkozy’s woolly idea , while hoping : Google denied to the french visitors..hahaha It can be fun.
    Many of us starting to use VPN, with foreign IP. (Thanks Hadopi !)

    (sorry for my “frenglish”)

  4. CHARLOTTEXZ27 says:

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  5. they should tax the ISP’s if anything
    ISP’s have had a free ride