Supreme Court Grants Leave In Defamation Linking Case

The Supreme Court of Canada today granted leave to appeal in the Crookes v. Newton case, which involves alleged online defamation and the liability for linking to a defamatory article.

Update: Coverage from Canwest on the implications of the case.


  1. I can see this being abused if the SCC rules wrong.
    Look at all the outdated links on the net. What if an outdated link goes to some site that is now illegal under Canadian law. Let’s say someone posted a link to a clothing site. The compnay goes bankrupt and its website is taken over by a cracked mp3 download site. Does that mean the linker will be tried and convicted for distribution and production of illegal music? ABSOLUTELY!

  2. Rob Maguire says:

    Michael, are you still implicated?
    Michael, I knew that Crooke has initially named you in the suit a few years back. Are you still directly involved in this at all?