Moore: From Confrontation to No Comment

Yesterday I posted an annotated version of Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore's "radical extremist" speech from last month.  That speech urged confrontation with critics of Bill C-32, but when the Georgia Straight asked him to comment on the bill, he refused.

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  1. Don’t lose the forest by looking at a few trees
    There’s a blog out there and a few posters who have carefully analyzed the copyright bill and posting tiny little nit picks on blogs all over the place. Unfortunately these posters are not evaluating the entire bill instead they say things like:

    * If a copyright holder allows you to break TPM you can.

    But they ignore the rest of the bill which says that distribution of TPM breakers is illegal. How is it ok to break TPM when it is illegal to distribute TPM breakers? This is nonsensical! Just because the bill says you can do something but then limits access to do it doesn’t mean you should support and it also means that if you’re going to support this position you should provide the audience with the information that it will be illegal for someone to give you that TPM breaker you want to use!

    One can produce essentially unethical arguments by ignoring the whole.

    Please I understand you carefully read the bill and understand quite a bit about certain sections, but when you comment about it, take the whole into account and recognize that with one part the bill gives and with the other part it takes away. Please keep the whole in mind and please keep in mind that this bill is taking away something of value, our right to reverse engineer and break TPMs. That right can allow business to flourish in Canada and limiting it is bad for business.

  2. Forrest Moore
    …and that’s all I have to say about that…

  3. I am interested in this tactic of sudden silence frequently used by our government to evade difficult questioning. A Minister of Culture simply must be held accountable for his actions and statements while in office. As part of his mandate, The Minister of Culture is responsible for directing and advising the Copyright Policy Branch to COLLABORATE with artists, authors, producers, user groups, as well as the public. I have asked Mr. Moore to therefore explain why he incited a group of business leaders to actively CONFRONT critics of Bill C-32. And not stopping there, he went on to encourage his audience to confront and ‘Defeat’ other legitimate Canadian voices. He then had the arrogance to label these Canadian voices… ‘Radical Extremists’. He pitted Canadian against Canadian. So this is what comes now when you voice your opinion in Canada. If Mr. Moore cannot offer a good explanation then he should be removed from office. Mr. Moore’s statement shows that he cannot be impartial. And the lengthy copyright consultation process in which all Canadians were encouraged to voice their opinions…a process in which we participated with some hope…was a complete waste of money and time. It was cynicism at its finest. Mr. Moore has finally displayed his true colours. His short, vitriolic and cynical statement went against everything that is Canadian. I am appalled.

  4. It’s pretty apparent that Moore managed to get the bill into pretty much the shape that the lobbyists wanted. Now he is getting flack for it. So he is urging those same lobbyists and groups to “stand up and push back”. He got them what they wanted, now it’s their turn to “prove” they are right. They aren’t doing very good at it, and since he is on the hook he is the one taking the flack.

    The problem seems to boil down to an emotional plea vs a logical understanding of legal rights. It is pretty apparent from reading various postings that the “C-32 supporters” don’t understand what C-32 is all about. They seem to think that without TPM measures, that copyright somehow “goes away”. It doesn’t. They seem to feel that it’s all about “legalizing TPM”, which it isn’t.

    The C-32 supporters simply haven’t done their research.

  5. Adapt already
    The internet is here and brings with it the ability for any two people to easily/quickly share massive amounts of information.

    No technology or law can stop this. We can keep kidding ourselves in this regard, but no matter what preventative solution (i.e resistance) we come up with it will be tantamount to pushing a square peg in a round hole.

    The sooner we accept the revolution and adapt our culture/values, the better.

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