ACTA Meeting Next Week: U.S. & EU Talk to Work Out Divide

Inside US Trade has an update on the ACTA negotiations that confirm many of the recent reports on a divide between the U.S. and the EU.  The article quotes an industry source as saying the other ACTA participants encouraged the discussion on issues such as geographical indications since “countries feared that a continued stalemate on the issue could lead to a failed agreement or a much less influential one if either government were not a signatory.”


  1. sure sure..
    I don’t believe for a second that one or the other will refuse to sign.
    This agreement will mean too much money and control over culture for both factions.

  2. Maybe, if the word gets out in simplified form
    How can we explain the ACTA-consequences to a 10 year old?

    If we’re able to do so, we can explain it to a much wider audience. I even have a hard time explaining it to my above-average-educated friends.