ACTA Talks Resume: Round Ten Opens Today in Washington

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement talks resume today as Round Ten opens in Washington, DC. The full agenda indicates that all the issues will be addressed along with discussions of many smaller matters that have been left until the end.  Following the last round in Lucerne, Switzerland (which only concluded 47 days ago), I had several posts on the leaked draft that tried to identify the primary areas of disagreement, the Canadian positions, the U.S. decision to cave on anti-circumvention, the importance of geographical indications in the talks, and speculation on the prospect of the EU walking away from ACTA.

The decision to move to a full round – rather than more informal (and less transparent) inter-round talks or a bi-lateral meeting between the U.S. and EU – seems to have come fairly late in the process.  With the U.S. on its home turf and having pushed for an accelerated schedule (there will be another round in Japan early in the fall), the next week could decide the fate of ACTA.  If neither side is willing to budge on the core disagreement over scope of the treaty, the prospect of a slimmed down group of countries as part of ACTA becomes greater.  If the move to a full round is a sign that movement is likely, there is every reason to believe that ACTA will be concluded this year.


  1. These are the days of our life
    It will be interesting to see how the recent DMCA exception rulings will play out at the talks. Will it embolden the non-US parties to push back against the DMCA to the world? Will the US soften or dig in it’s heels? Will it give a extra playing card to the EU on geographical indications?

    Tune in next week to find out!

  2. ACTA and bill c-32
    bill c-32 is looking to be necessary for Canada to be able to ratify (is that the right term?) ACTA, and judging the huge amount of blowback the bill has generated, it probably won’t pass. This is largely due to the efforts of people like Dr. Geist here (is he a dr.? I think so…I recall reading that)
    And if it does, there will be immediate steps taken, I’m sure. At least I hope so.
    I also think the proponents of this bill will try and weasel it in, like weasels.

  3. With any luck, it will pass quickly and wholly. The world needs some global standards on this now more than later. And although I think the current ACTA is not as strong as I would like with piracy and other issues, it is a start.

  4. Thanks for logging your opinion Jon, would you care to expand on it with any facts or examples? What stronger measures would you like to see in ACTA? How will ACTA curtail piracy? Whose standards exactly do you think the world needs, consumers or big business? Is transparency an issue for you?

    Look forward to hearing back from you.

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