Next ACTA Round To Be Vice-Ministerial Level Meeting

The Japanese media is reporting that the next round of ACTA negotations in Tokyo will be a Vice-Ministerial level meeting, providing further confirmation that countries expect to conclude the agreement at the late September meeting.


  1. well…
    We’ll see just how this pans out. Anyone wanna lay odds that Canada’s representatives will bring this back home, and we’ll say “No effing thank you”?
    After which there will be massive tariff disputes, and I betcha Canada will come out on top because we hold most of the cards in our neighborhood so to speak, NAFTA notwithstanding.

  2. I suspect the expanded fair use exemptions recently passed by a review committee in the USA took some of the wind out their sails. The more they attempt to tighten with overreaching legislation the less people will respect the laws. I can only hope saner heads will prevail as they finalize this misguided endeavor.

  3. Be interested to see Canads outcome on this
    Now let’s hope that our right honorable minister Moore got the memo. He’s certainly been pretty quiet since his Inexplicable rant.