Public Knowledge’s IP3 Award

I am honoured to have been named one of the recipients of Public Knowledge’s IP3 Awards for 2010.  Public Knowledge does great work on digital rights issues and their IP3 Awards have identified some of the biggest contributors to those issues.  It’s a particular honour to be named this year together with Pam Samuelson, who has been a huge supporter of CIPPIC, Susan Crawford, and Nina Paley.  Moreoever, I’m not sure how, but I somehow made Managing Intellectual Property’s list of the 50 most influential people on intellectual property worldwide. Quite a week.


  1. Kudos
    Much props and respect to Dr Geist for this well deserved recognition. Upwards and onwards, Michael.

  2. You produce works of quality with the crap the government’s been putting out. Of course you’d be recognized! Congratulations.

  3. Great!!
    Well deserved honour, Sir.

  4. Of Course
    I’ve been watching you for years now, and when I first saw a slashdot article about you I wrote and told you that you were my new hero. I guess your other peoples heros as well.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. Congrats

  6. Congratulations
    I don’t think that these awards are at all undeserved. You’ve stood up and made the fight visible to the people, and you’ve been cited in news reports and other media. You organized a massive campaign against C-61.

    Well done, sir, well done.

  7. Well deserved.
    Congratulations and thanks!

  8. Mick Steers says:

    All Canadians owe you a debt of gratitude.

    In Canada, a distinct, honest and relentless voice such as yours has a disproportionate impact for good. That this is still the case bodes well for our body politic, despite the corporate and reactionary forces (domestic and global)arrayed against the little people.

    Please accept this honour as validation of all that you do.

    In the US, similar voices (EFF, Alan Grayson & ACLU) are hopelessly outgunned so international pressure from the EU, Canada and others is essential.

    I only hope that through our collective efforts (following in your footsteps) we can blunt the nightmare described in the recent Washington Post series “Top Secret America”.

    It is both sobering and frightening that such revelations caused nary a ripple in the US. I am beginning to think that America is no longer governable, and it will be left to lesser powers to keep the fires of liberty alight until Americans wake up or diminish in global influence.

    Please forgive this maudlin tone, but damn, the news these days is a bitter read.

    Anyhow, hoist a glass. Don’t let the bastards get you down, and most of all – know that legions of civilized people will join the fight (some of them just don’t know it yet).


  9. Congratulations on the well deserved recognition.
    Thanks for shining the light on important items that would otherwise slide below most peoples radar.

  10. guojianmin says:


  11. Radical Extremist
    Oh Michael, you Radical Extremist you. Such distinctions for someone who “dresses up” his copyright views. Me thinks @mpjamesmoore needs to re-think and apologize. The international IP community knows better.

    Congrats Michael

  12. Congratulations, sir!

  13. Laurel L. Russwurm says:

    My 2 cents worth
    @Mr Smith – you are a far greater optimist than I

    Again, congratulations on educating and informing Canadians and the world, Mr. Geist.

    [My blog post detailing “my nominations” for the “2010 IP3 Awards” ]

  14. Garrett Cobarr says:

    Genuine Admirer
    I cannot think of someone more deserving. Dr Geist, keep fighting the good fight and keep us informed. Your intellectual reach and influence is far beyond your home country.

  15. Hindgrinder says:

    You’re the only lawyer I’d buy a beer for at the pub.
    Order Of Canada should be next I suppose.


  16. Congratulations!
    I’ve been appreciating your work for over a year now and I’m very very happy to see you get the well deserved honours!

  17. Congratulations!!
    Congratulations Michael Geist!!

    Many thanks to you and your assistances in reporting on these issues locally as well as internationally, where major news media would like to keep silence.