SAC Renews Calls for Legalized Downloading With Levies

The SAC’s Eddie Schwartz has an op-ed in the Straight, renewing the call for the legalization of downloading in return for a monthly ISP levy.


  1. Un-Trusted Computing says:

    Maybe not
    Although I’d love to see an end to frivolous RI/MPAA type lawsuits, and a lot of the copyright nonsense put behind us, I’m very much against insulating these dinosaurs from market forces that will hasten their extinction.

    Would the levy lead to a lasting peace between Big Media and consumers? Perhaps… but I’d rather see big content exiled to the dustbin of history.

  2. Nothing will appease Big Media
    They have made it quite clear they want it all…. CPCC tax, ISP levy, full digital locks and user ownership of any music a thing of the past.