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Responding to ACTRA: Group Calls C-32 a “Disaster” and Proposes Six Part Fix

ACTRA completed a two-day lobbying blitz in Ottawa yesterday, bringing some Canadian television stars to convince MPs that Bill C-32 is a disaster that is bad for consumers and creators.  While ACTRA isn’t proposing anything to solve the consumer problems, it is promoting six changes to Bill C-32.  I review each proposal below, but it is first worth watching an interview on CTV with ACTRA’s Ferne Downey and Corner Gas’ Eric Peterson. Downey makes the startling comment that she is not a proponent of free market theory that users will pay for the content they like.  Meanwhile, Peterson, who starred on a show that aired on free, over-the-air television without any levy but supported through commercials, now claims that “free” will eliminate the creation of new Canadian content.

As for the ACTRA proposals, each is posted below along with some of my comments:

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November 17, 2010 27 comments News

The Globe on How C-32 Will Affect Canadian Culture

The Globe’s Time to Lead series looks at how Bill C-32 will affect Canadian culture, with some emphasis on the bill’s digital lock provisions.

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November 17, 2010 2 comments News