Rogers Wants Spectrum Auction Accelerated, Warns Against New Entrant Assistance

The National Post reports that Rogers wants to accelerate the pace of the next spectrum auction, but is also warning against efforts to promote new entrants.


  1. If the recent CRTC ruling in favour of metered billing is any indication we as Canadians should demand allowing new entrants so we may at least hope for the benefit of marketplace competition.

  2. wrong choice of words
    … saying federal officials must ensure the bidding does not disadvantage “made-in-Canada companies” like Rogers.

    Surely he means “ripped-off-in-Canada companies” or “shafted-in-Canada companies”.

  3. Brian… if my experience is any indication they don’t care about the name of the region they’re monopolising so much as the fact they get to keep it.

    My cable company isn’t Rogers, but damned if they don’t do just enough to keep our not so great basic cable running so no other companies can take the area.