The UBB Deception

Francois Caron has produced The UBB Deception, which does a nice job of explaining UBB and some of the reasons behind it.


  1. Very good explanation. Little conspiracy theory at the end.

  2. Un-Trusted Computing says:

    Good piece
    Francois is a good TV man, his reviews and explanations go far to explain the Internet and technology to those of us who don’t necessarily have the time to follow these things.

  3. Charging for unowned content
    Big ISPs are also charging for data they don’t own through UBB. With, say, $1.90/GB big ISPs are charging people for data that is created by others on the internet. Regardless of the content or who owns it, each copy is charged based on its size. UBB is beyond price gouging.

    This may have been said elsewhere, but not in the video. Another unanswered question is how does big ISPs justify collecting a ridiculous price on free content like Creative Commons or Free/Open Source?

  4. François Caron says:

    Contribution to the FUQ
    Tom, is it okay if I add your question to the “Frequently Unanswered Questions” section of my Web site?

    Remember! It’s pronounced “Fooq!” Not… the other pronunciation! 🙂

    Thanks for the continued support everyone!