CRIA vs. CMPA on Canadian Copyright Reform

Billboard runs an article on the future of Canadian copyright reform that highlights the sharp divide between CRIA and much of the rest of the Canadian music industry. CRIA’s Graham Henderson says he believes 90% of Bill C-32 was agreed upon by the music industry.  That comment led to a response from CMPA’s Catherine Saxberg: “Certainly Graham, as CRIA, represents the multi-national labels and they’re the biggest driving sector of our business and Graham speaks for them and he does an excellent job, but he doesn’t speak for the [whole] music industry. I guess I’m baffled how he could say that the music industry believes in 90 percent of the bill. I don’t know how to respond to that. I speak to a lot of people who work in music who don’t like this bill.”

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  1. Duncan Murdoch says:

    That’s not what the article says now…
    Did the article get edited, or did you misread it? Now it paraphrases Henderson saying “most members of the music industry agreed on 90% of *what was wrong* with C-32” [emphasis added]. It doesn’t include Saxberg’s quote.

  2. They want it to be even worse
    From reading the linked article, it appears that the bill was to week in protection and to liberal in users rights. ISP liability? Higher statutory damages?

    Sony’s PSN leak will seem like nothing compared to the police state that we’d be living in if these music industry lobbyists got what they wanted.

  3. Michael Geist says:

    @Duncan Murdoch
    Yes, it appears that Billboard has changed Henderson’s quote and removed the Saxberg quote. I’ve posted a screenshot of the original at

  4. Crockett says:

    lol, nothing like editing the truth. Unbiased reporting for the win 0_o

  5. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the industry groups smell an opportunity with the new majority.