Will the Government Create a New Minister for Innovation, Science & Technology?

The Hill Times is reporting there is speculation the government is considering splitting the Minister of Industry position into two – one to focus on innovation, science and technology and the other on the rest of the Industry portfolio. The move could be a great one – I discussed the value of a single point of leadership on digital issues in a column last year. Bringing together a ministerial portfolio involving digital issues, copyright, communications, and research innovation would provide a hefty agenda without vying for time given the demands of other sectors.


  1. Crockett says:

    I have been hoping the Conservatives would surprise me and this is a step in the right direction. I was not looking forward to another season of the The Moore & Clement show, not matter how radical it could have been 😉

    Seriously, a focused portfolio would allow an inclusive strategy on the many parts of our digital economy and future. I hope they choose someone for their skills & talent in these areas rather than for political reasons. I seem to recall an IP committee report, headed by a conservative MP, that was sent to the Heritage minister that made a lot of sense. Anyone remember who that was?

  2. Crockett says:

    Great idea!
    Hey, last election Harper brought in an unelected official as a minister, why not hire Prof. Geist?

    I can hear the screams from anti-fair use bloggers now 😉

  3. Heather Ross says:

    Yes, but …
    What would this position really mean in a government that ignores a lot of what science has to say?

  4. RE: Heather Ross
    Good point; divide and conquer perhaps?

  5. This NEEDS to happen
    Many have been begging for this from our government for many years. If this happens, however, it needs to be manned by those who understand the space, not just by those who are coming from inside the industry.