Report Says Canada Leading Hub For Cloud Computing

A new report says Canada is the second-best place in the world to establish massive computer server farms used for cloud computing. I wrote about Canada’s cloud computing advantage late last year.


  1. At the moment that may be true. I wonder if Lawful Access will have any effect on a server farm and their data transfers.

  2. rayan clouds says:

    The points explained in the post are clear and all are proving what you have written in these post.. My point is that i want to invest in this new technology for it is very advantageous for business management in term of work effectiveness and management cost ; However; since I have read some stuff about about cloud computing information and security, i become somewhat septic to invest mainly when i experienced a data storage crash with a cloud company that i do not want to name , so to what extent it is safe for data storing and web hosting , so which are the best reliable companies affording quality services .I am awaiting your expertise advices .Thanks in advance