Get Yer Grimy Paws Off My Netflix

David Ellis has a must-read two part series (part one, two) on Netflix, the CRTC, and the efforts of some groups to regulate over-the-top video.

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  1. *shrug* If they regulate Netflix out of Canada, I’ll just start using things outside of Canada. Canada can remain in the past all it wants, I don’t have to stay in the past with it.

    He makes good points, and I have no doubt that the CRTC will try to make sure that OTT fails completely in Canada (either by not regulating the Internet well enough, or over regulating the OTT industry) to make sure that “Canadian” content is protected.

  2. Cause this nonsense discourages piracy…

  3. Dr. Strangelove says:

    Chief Cat Juggler
    Shrug indeed (although thanks MG for bringing this to our attention).
    Policy has very little bearing on online behaviour. People will use the tools available to get what they want and the price they want it.