Lawful Access Concerns Generating Increased Media Coverage

Concern over the government’s lawful access plans continues to mount, with coverage in the National Post and a column from the Globe’s Tabatha Southey.


  1. Lawful access…
    Yea, lawful access will happend, mostly because we have a misguided gouvernement that thinks that spying on regular civilians is the way to go to fight “terrorists” and “criminals”*

    *Terrorists: people who are not worshipping what Harper offers
    *Criminals: People who are not following conservative values.

  2. The word has to get out…
    I’m afraid just typing this but, we need to inform as many people as we can about what’s happening and how to elude it when it does happen. Any form of communication will be surveilled if they see fit. This is indeed going to be an absolute dictatorship. When the government can surveil everyone this means that they can also use that to further their own business interests, frame and arrest anyone that opposes or poses a threat to those business interests, undermine any opposition strategy and have them arrested, how do you think next election is going to swing, what do you think is going to happen to freedom of expression, what is going to happen to unions since all of their activities will be surveilled, and so much more as this will create an enormous domino effect in the dictatorship’s favour. It’s time to wake up and make the choice of whether you wish to be subjugated, or join the resistance.