Mexican Senate Rejects ACTA

In what is likely the most significant political rejection of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement to date, the Mexican Senate has voted to recommend against signing ACTA. While the issue in the hands of the President, the domestic opposition is notable as it may foreshadow similar battles in countries around the world.


  1. alex_mayorga says:

    Glad to see…
    our Mexican Senate trying to do something good for a change o/

  2. Bill MacEachern says:

    I don’t understand…
    how the US let this happen. Did this month’s “Do as we say”, er, I mean “development” cheque not clear in time for the vote?

  3. Nice to see a country doing what’s best for its people rather than corporate interests for a change. I wish we had a government that did that.

  4. Wait, our senate is sure to be just as wise and decisive!

  5. peasant
    The real problem here is that Felipe Calderon, being a spurious president and a Bill gates admirer, can revert this decision.

  6. ….
    Felipe can’t revert anything… he can only propose a change or reform… but if my clock is right that wont do before he goes out of the chair.

    First thing i can say when i ask myself if the senate has done anything really good since its creation…