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Telus: “We Absolutely Agree with the OECD’s Findings”

Telus has come out strongly in support of the OECD report on the high data roaming costs Canadians face. The company notes that there was no data roaming competition in Canada until 2009 since Rogers was the only GSM provider. Telus says it plans to slash its roaming pricing by more than 50 percent over the next month.


  1. That’s sweet but….
    Telus customers have been able to roam to the US for over a decade and those prices have only climbed, from less than 0.50 in the late 90s to about a dollar a minute now. And data roaming is just as bad.

    Plus there’s the fact that they’ve had a GSM network for almost two years now and are only passionate about lowering costs today?

    Still, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If it lowers my roaming costs then good on ’em.

  2. Preventative measures …
    What we are seeing is the result of public pressure as awareness of these issues increase. The real thing they are concerned with though is the threat of government intervention. Now that the conservatives have a majority they are more free to implement their policies and the telcos are hedging their bets ahead of time.

  3. Read the OECD report. Canadian data roaming rates to the US are around $3/MB which is $6/MB cheaper than the OECD average. Most Canadians rome to the US so that’s where it matters most. Always approach the OECD reports with extreme caution as they are very Eurocentric and biased against North America.

    When carriers negotiate roaming rates for minutes or data they always trade traffic first and then settle on the imbalance with cash. If you are a small carrier with small traffic volumes to a given country then you are screwed when you go to negotiate roaming rates and your customers will pay a higher price. The traveling population of Canada is extremely small compared to the rest of the world.

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