The Economic Contribution of Fair Use

The Computer and Communications Industry Association has released a report measuring the economic contribution in the U.S. of the industries that rely on fair use.


  1. And let’s not forget the value of the public domain
    Go to the movies. Sit down, watch the trailers. What will you notice? 10 to 25% of the movies presented are based on previous works of authors long since dead. Hollywood makes a killing off public domain stories. Check out disney, an immense amount of money is made off of Grimm’s fairy tails, the Jungle Book, and other stories.

    Sure they make derivative works, but they have to. So why does hollywood deserve such a free ride while at the same time limiting the amount of possible public domain with term extensions?

  2. But of course, it is irrelevant to the enhanced protection of copyright that uses of protected content which are not controlled by copyright make a large contribution to the economy. You have to admire the CCIA for coming back with a second edition of a report largely ridiculed for the absurd breadth of its concept of Free Use Industries.

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