Usage Based Billing Panelists Turn To Op-Ed Pages

Two panelists at the CRTC’s usage based billing hearing have published op-eds on the regulatory issues.  Steve Anderson of Open Media writes Canadians have spoken against a metered Internet in the Ottawa Citizen, while TekSavvy CEO Marc Gaudrault is the author of The telecom-policy quadruple play in the Financial Post.


  1. “Last Mile”
    I think the real issue with UBB is who own’s the “Last Mile”. I think the government should step in and make that Cable and DSL part of the last mile independent of Rogers/Bell. That way all companies can compete and customers can chose what they want with out it ultimately being dictated by Rogers/Bell.

  2. @ Michael

    I agree. I’m not too knowledgeable on how all the technical aspects work but it does seem like it will help out.

    However I know the Cons won’t do it because they don’t care for the internet in the slightest, except for spying on everyone.
    I’m also thinking that it could put us right back at square 1. The single bodied government could put essentially any price they want for use of the last mile. Now if they placed it and left it for open use then yeah I think it would definitely make a better market. But I can’t see it happening.