Telcos Launch Data Roaming Alerts

Bell and Rogers have introduced new alerts to guard against shocking roaming fees. Yet as Dave Dobbin of Mobilicity notes “Why don’t they just lower the price to a reasonable amount? Why don’t they just stop overcharging customers?”


  1. Mr Stevens says:

    Bell and Rogers lower price? Stop overcharging?
    Aaaaaahahahahahaha… Oh, he was serious?

    But seriously, I can’t see them doing that, unfortunately.

  2. Just Turn It Off
    “You may not know that some applications keep updating themselves in the background, pushing up your charges.”

    Well just turn off data roaming in the phone’s configuration, stupid!

    What? Too much of a dolt and don’t know how? Well if you don’t know how to operate the vehicle what are you doing on the highway?!? Especially if you’re a “seasoned executive”?

  3. @Dohn Joe
    Well put.

    For all, remember that Rogers, as a publicly traded company, exists to make money for their shareholders. They do this by charging at a rate which maximizes profit. This keeps share prices up, and hence makes the investors, including pension plans, etc, happy.

    One other bonus of doing this is that it may provide an indication if your SIM has been cloned and is being used overseas.