Could CETA Lead to a NAFTA Complaint?

A new report by the Canadian Agricultural Trade Policy and Competitiveness Research Network finds that the Canada- EU Trade Agreement could lead to a NAFTA complaint by the U.S. if Canada caves to European pressure to include new protection for geographical indications. The paper notes that GI protection could lead a market access complaint by the U.S.

One Comment

  1. What was the impact again?
    What was the impact of geographical indications?

    Nothing mutch exept that you can’t call “Oka” cheese Oka cheese unless it comes from Oka I guess…

    I can see what the US would care, but I don’t see why I actually care… unless it affects Canada imports/exports or canadian economy, this is not the worst thing in CETA imo.

    IP protection problems are a worst problem here (exept ofcourse I’m missing the dangers of GI… well time to check Wikipedia I guess)…