Canadian Hurt Locker Lawsuits Withdrawn

New records indicate that the file sharing lawsuits in Quebec against individuals downloading the Hurt Locker have been withdrawn. The cases attracted wide attention last year after the Federal Court ordered several ISPs to disclose the identities of alleged infringers.


  1. ALl we can do is speculate
    Not a lot of detail there. I see they were granted an extension on Dec 28, to acquire more evidence/defendants, due on Mar 02/2012. The Court received a letter from their lawyer(s) Mar 05/2012 (dated Mar 02) for what is apparently them waiting for “Voltage Pictures” to yield instruction, then the case was dumped on the 28th.
    Maybe not enough filesharers to warrant the legal expenditure?
    Perhaps they didn’t want to take a chance that they would not be compensated like American courts?
    Does the NDP have any influence on the court system in Quebec, these days?
    Maybe the bigger fish aren’t allowing Voltage set the pace. There seems to be a much more conducive set of laws steaming in over the horizon.

  2. So not enough amo to be able to send it those extortion notices. Pay $3000 or see you in court.

  3. Proof
    It could also potentially demonstrate that current laws are adequate and that the inflated MPAA requests for the new c11 are un-necessary. Can these lawsuites be re-submitted at a later date?

  4. Careful, this could happen here 😀

    Yes, it must be hard to find lawyers willing to give the shaft to so many. Honestly, how could any self respecting lawyer bare to have this soil his reputation, it certainly would not be the climax of his career. I would recommend any lawyer currently involved in such activity to withdraw immediately.

  5. Good news but damage done
    Nothing but extortion in the first place.

  6. Joe 6 Pack says:

    Voltage is at it again in the US
    And they’re using IP’s collected in 2010…things that make you go hummm….